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Youths make major decisions every day that will affect their future. It is the time when they discover who they are and the skills that will change the course of their lives. The opportunities they will have throughout their lives are greatly influenced by the time and effort they put into learning. Realizing their goals for their careers and personal lives is a significant motivator for them to work hard in different fields. These hopes and aspirations, in turn, can be influenced by a student's background and knowledge about the working world. They also depend on the skills they learn like fashion designing, cooking, shoemaking, web designing, etc. However, in today's society, fashion has become increasingly important. For many people, fashion is a way to express their identity and stand out from the crowd.


However, life is not fair for everyone. Some people cannot afford good education and basic needs. They lack the opportunities that "others" may have. They have had depression, low self-esteem, poor nutrition, and much more than they could have imagined. They have dreams they can't fulfill, living every day with the hope of escaping the world and its suffering. They do not have the opportunity to learn about fashion and to develop the skills to create stylish looks. We've decided to start the CSS fashion program for underprivileged youths. Custom Sewing Services has over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry and is leveraging its knowledge to benefit the community! Twenty young people from low-income neighborhoods will receive training through the CSS Program to become successful designers, seamstresses/tailors, or manufacturers in the fashion business. According to statistics, 34% of fashion companies in North America and Europe were having financial issues before the epidemic. Experts anticipated a 30% increase in internet sales in the US in 2021. These figures show that there is a need for experts in the sectors.


12% of high school dropouts are unemployed.


High-quality early childhood programs lead to income gains of 0.33% to 3.5% each year when the children become adults.

High school dropouts are more than 8x as likely to commit crimes and serve prison time.


Children from low-income families are more likely to start school with limited language skills, have less parental support with homework, and deal with more emotional and social problems that interfere with learning.


If we could increase the current US graduation rate to 90%, an additional 219,000 students would receive diplomas.


Students who live in communities with high levels of poverty are 4x more likely to be chronically absent. This includes unstable housing, unreliable transportation, and a lack of access to health care. By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.


This shows the need for youth development. Improved social skills, better behavior, higher academic accomplishment, higher self-esteem, and higher self-efficacy are all benefits of youth empowerment programs.


The likelihood that a young person will successfully transition into adulthood increases when surrounded by a range of possibilities for positive interactions.

According to research, adolescents who receive enough assistance from their families, schools, and communities grow the skills they need to succeed.


In this 3-month program, 15 students per cohort will learn about different aspects of fashion, from choosing the right clothes to sewing and design. We hope that by equipping these youths with fashion skills, we can help them build confidence and reach their full potential. We want to give them the information they need to succeed in those areas of expertise. This means more job opportunities that will take them off the streets. We are looking to help different youths - the Gen Z, millennials, LGBTQIA communities, etc. We hope to raise about $500,000 for the program.


You can help their dreams to become a reality with your kind donation. Imagine the young boy who does not have any skill, being able to raise income for his family and even help society. Your little donation will go a long way to transforming one life.


Thank you for being a life changer. Kindly donate today



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